Property management


Do you want to be completely taken care of in terms of the period that you have rented out your property and maintenance during this rental period? We can arrange this for you! We offer administrative and technical property management.

Depending on your need, we can partially or completely manage your property. We take care of your interests so that you do not have to worry about this.

1. Administrative management

✓Invoicing and collection of rental payments and any user charges
✓Monitoring of accounts receivables (reminders / requests for payment and handover of the collection claim to a bailiff)
✓Periodic settlement of rental income
✓Periodic reporting to the owner
✓Annual rental price adjustment
✓Settlement of service costs and user charges.

2. Technical management

✓Perform inspection at the end of the lease and draft an inspection report
✓Performing (preventive) inspection of complaints
✓Contact person for the tenants.
✓Assign suppliers to necessary maintenance
✓Supervision and control of suppliers for necessary maintenance and monitoring of maintenance
✓To conclude and maintain conformity with maintenance contracts
✓Fixing technical malfunctions

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