Rent from our listings

If you have found a property from our listings, we will be happy to assist you. There are no costs involved.

Our working procedure is as follows:

1. Contact us

This can be done by phone, email or via the online registration form.

2. Viewings

In consultation with you and the landlord we make an appointment to view the properties. In many cases this can also be done in the evenings and on weekends.

3. Submit required documents

- Copy valid ID
- Signed employment contract or an
- Employers declaration with income data.

4. Rental agreement

As soon as the agreement is cocluded and the required documents have been received and checked, the rental agreement is drawn up and offered for approval. If both parties agree, the rental agreement will be signed. For the tenant, an invoice will be prepared for the first payment, which consists of the rent of the first month and the security deposit.

5. Payment

After signing and before check-in, the first payment must be in with us.

6. Check-in and key transfer

During the check-in we will inspect the property and take photos. This is included in the inspection report. This describes the condition of the property at that time and the meter readings are noted. After this the key transfer takes place and this will be the official start of your rental period.

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