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Are you looking for a rental property? You have come to the right address! With over 10 years of experience, Housing Experts is the absolute specialist in mediation in rental properties.

We will search the right property for you, outside of what we offer on our website, and we will mediate this external property under the most favorable terms for you. Only in case of a successful mediation by Housing Experts, we will charge you a fee of one month rent excluding 21% VAT.


1. Contact us

This can be done by phone, email or via the online registration form. Your personal profile and housing requirements are discussed and taken into consideration.

2. Finding, selecting and offering your ideal properties.

We search the entire market and make use of our extensive network.

3. Viewings

In consultation with you and the landlord we make an appointment to view the properties. In many cases this can also be done in the evenings and on weekends.

4. Submit required documents

- Copy valid ID
- Signed employment contract or an employers statement with 3 recent payslips.

5. Rental agreement

We will negotiate with the landlord regarding the price, the date of entry, the notice period, the inventory / furnishing if present and any other conditions that will be important. In addition, we will check the rental agreement drawn up by the landlord and we will give you substantive advice. Upon acceptance of the rental agreement, these may be signed by both parties.

6. Payment

After signing and before check-in, the payment of the first month's rent, security deposit and our commission must be in with us.

7. Check-in and key transfer

During the check-in, the property is inspected. This is included in the inspection report which describes the condition of the property at that particular time and the meter readings are noted. After this the key transfer takes place and this will be the official start of your rental period.

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